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Giving Parents, Educators & Therapists New Tools to Help AAC Users

Whether you're the parent of a child who uses AAC, a speech language pathologist (SLP), or an educator who supports AAC students in the classroom, Realize Language provides robust, easy-to-use tools to discover and document important aspects of an individual's language and communication development.

Designed for Parents and Professionals

With Realize Language, families, teachers, and therapists can gain valuable insights into a child's communication and language development and work together to become a more effective team.

Professional Team Image

Realize Language also provides educators and therapists with access to innovative literacy and language tools to support educational goals.

Word Cloud

Word Cloud Example Image

With Realize Language reporting, anyone working with a device user can regularly print out their word clouds. These fun, colorful images give the user a personal view of their achievements and artwork they can be proud to share with family and friends or display at home or in school.

Part of the AAC Resources Network from PRC-Saltillo

Realize Language is the newest addition to the AAC Resources Network, a comprehensive collection of products and services designed to help AAC users, families, and professionals achieve success with AAC.

PRC-Saltillo is a global leader in the development of AAC Solutions including augmentative communication devices, computer access products, and other assistive technology for people with speech disorders. Nearly 50 years ago, PRC-Saltillo pioneered the use of technology to bring speech and language capabilities to adults and children with disabilities. Since then, the company's products have enabled thousands of children and adults worldwide with speech disorders to achieve spontaneous, independent, and interactive communication regardless of their disability, literacy level, or motor skills.

PRC-Saltillo offers a full array of powerful communication devices in its Accent™ products and its vocabulary software programs. PRC-Saltillo also provides high-quality teaching and implementation ideas, therapy materials, curriculum sequences, funding assistance, and training to speech-language pathologists, special educators, and the families of AAC communicators.

PRC-Saltillo is an employee-owned company whose mission is to help every augmented communicator reach their full potential. AT PRC-Saltillo, We Believe Everyone Deserves a Voice™.

Why Realize Language is so valuable for Communication Development

Realize Language organizes and analyzes the data logs generated by a number of AAC devices and apps presents this information in easy-to-understand graphic formats. As weeks and months progress, you'll gain better insight into a child's communication development:

  • Determine a child's status and see their progress
  • Pinpoint optimal times of the day for intervention
  • Measure vocabulary growth over time
  • See spelling skills develop
  • Determine which routinely-spelled words need to be added to the AAC system
  • Choose vocabulary targets based on current vocabulary use