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Realize Language for Professionals

With a PRC account and a Realize Language subscription, you can support multiple clients from your desktop computer, tablet device, or even your mobile phone! Turn on the data-logging function in your user’s device and upload the data to the Realize Language website. Within seconds, Realize Language reviews weeks and months of data and transforms it into simple images which can be used to create and share reports with other members of the team with secure log-in protocols. This ensures that the Realize Language site is HIPAA compliant and that each client's information is safe and inaccessible to anyone other than the account holder.

How It Works Example Image

How Realize Language Helps You Help Your Clients and Students

Tracking a client’s progress is an important step in every professional’s short- and long-term planning. Knowing what your client is doing, even when you’re not there, can help you plan the next steps.

Collecting data is critical, but having the tools to understand and interpret it is essential to determining a client’s current status, measuring progress over specific periods of time, recognizing patterns in communication style, and creating a plan with clearly defined goals and objectives.

Realize Language provides fast answers to these types of important questions:

  • Which words does my client use most and which words does my client use least?
  • If I create a target list of words for my client to learn, how can I see if they are being used?
  • How do I compare my client’s communication from one day to the next?
  • How often is my client trying to spell words out? Is he/she successful at doing so?
  • How can I find out how and when specific words are used, even when I can’t be present?
  • Is my client’s communication improving over time?
  • When is my client most communicative?
  • How can I present my client’s information in a simple, visual manner?

What SLPs and Teachers say about using Realize Language

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