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Realize Language for Parents

Parenting Image

When a child is learning to use an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system, every parent wants to know how well he or she is progressing.

Now you can view your child's language development from your desktop computer, tablet device, or even your mobile phone with a PRC-Saltillo account and a Realize Language subscription!

Realize Language transforms data from your child’s AAC device into easy-to-understand graphic images. You can monitor your child's progress in language development and gain interesting and important insights into your child's current status and future needs. The secure log-in keeps your child's information safe and inaccessible to anyone other than the account holder.

How Realize Language Helps You Help Your Child

If you are working with a team of professionals to support your child, you can all share information from Realize Language to work together. If you have limited access to professional support or simply want to take a more active role in your child's language development, Realize Language can be a powerful tool.

Here are some questions Realize Language can address:

  • Which are my child's favorite words?
  • If I choose a list of words for my child to learn, how can I track the frequency of use?
  • How can I compare my child's communication from one day to the next?
  • Are my child's spelling skills improving?
  • How can I find out when specific words are used?
  • Is my child's overall communication improving over time?
  • When is my child most communicative?
  • How can I share my child's successes in a simple, visual way?

These questions and more can be answered by turning on the data logging function in your child's device and using the Realize Language website. Within seconds, Realize Language will review data and transform it into simple images that can be used to create and share reports with everyone on your child's team.

Here's What Parents Say about Realize Language

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