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Share With Others

Can I share an individual's data with someone else?

Sharing is a feature that allows a group of people working with the same client the opportunity to jointly engage in helping someone develop their language skills.

Only Account Holders can share an individual's data i.e. both the sharer and person with whom the data is to be shared must have separate Realize Language subscriptions. If you want to share from the Summary page, click on the “Start Sharing” link and send an email to the person with whom you are working. That person must have a valid email address in the Realize Language system or sharing isn’t possible.

When I share, can the other person edit the data?

No, the original Account Holder remains the Manager of the client's data. The Account Holder can give someone either “Read-Only Access,” where they can see information but not edit capability, or “Full Access,” which allows for changes to be made. In general, “Read-Only Access” is sufficient.

How does the “Share Invitation” work?

When a team is working with an individual, there are times that sharing information on the Realize Language site can be useful. To share you must use the “Share Invitation” feature and enter an email address for another Account Holder. The email address must match a registered Realize subscriber. You must also choose whether you want to allow “Read-only access” or “Full access.” “Full access” is needed only if you want the person with whom you are sharing to be able upload or download log files.

One a “Share Invitation” is sent, the recipient will receive an email with a link to their own Realize Language account. If they click that link, they will have to enter their password before being taken to their People page. Once at their People page, the invitation to share will appear under the “Pending Shares” tab. To complete the process, they have to accept the share.